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Mass Traffic brings together attorneys, doctors, data scientists, subject matter experts, and other professionals with uncommon knowledge and experience to create a uniquely tailored marketing experience to meet your ever-changing needs. Our ethos is one rooted in our combined experiences and commitment to the industry professionals we serve.
Mass Traffic is the team you need to make what is possible your reality

Be Different . Be Different

Mass Traffic is owned and operated by practicing attorneys, licensed finance professionals, data and search experts, and actual creators of digital content and media. Unlike most providers, we have all personally shared in the challenges of expanding our footprint in the community and connecting with qualified clients who are actively seeking professional services. This mutual experience gives us real world insight into your needs and the importance you place on ethically identifying potential clients in a cost effective and compliant manner.
Mass Traffic ethically sources and connects potential claimants with lawyers. Due to the regulatory obligations imposed within the numerous jurisdictions of your target audience, Mass Traffic believes it is important to not only obtain results, but to avoid mistakes that could risk your professional reputation or cause unnecessary future costs. In doing so, Mass Traffic’s services provide a true value proposition that combines cost effective results with the peace of mind that may only be realized through our diligent risk mitigation practices. We believe the quality of your experience and the protection of your long-term outcomes is the best way to continually earn your business and ensure our mutual success.

Testimonials . Testimonials.

Patrick Luff
Luff Law Firm, PLLC
“It has been a pleasure working with Mass Traffic. It is vital to partner with companies that are knowledgeable, conscientious, and ethical.  Mass Traffic checks all the boxes. The lead cost and quality have been phenomenal, and I look forward to working with Mass Traffic in the future.”